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Preconceptional Counselling

Preconception Counselling and Care Center in Ahmedabad

What Is Preconceptional counselling?

Preconceptional counselling Is a broad term applicable to all women who are planning a Pregnancy .

This clinic visit is the most important where the mother is introduced to the concept of antenatal care and assessed for any potential complication.

Why should I get this done?

Three main purposes
  • Educating and counselling of would be parents
  • Clinical assessment for any potential medical risk factor
  • Dealing with preexisting medical or social problems

Prenatal counselling is essential to give optimal outcome to any pregnancy, to correct wrong lifestyle habits, investigations to check and correct deficiencies, add necessary supplementation and plan pregnancy at a desired time.

Promoting good health and nutrition during very early weeks in the embryonic phase of life is as important as during later stages of pregnancy where the role of preconceptional counselling lies.

What should I expect ?

In your first counselling: We at Aarya Women's Hospital

  • Provide information to couples regarding health issues that may affect pregnancy.
  • Optimizing chronic health diseases
  • Encouraging the couple to follow a healthy lifestyle in order to have healthy sperms and eggs.
  • Identifying couple at risk for genetic problems and counselling them
  • Routine investigation to rule out diseases unknown
  • Encouraging immunization to prevent infections in pregnancy
  • Advice regarding nutrition.
  • Guidance on fertile period.
  • Folic acid supplementation.

Almost 25-50% of pregnancies are unplanned. In these cases by the time the pregnant female comes for the first check up, the organ formation of the fetus is already started and chances of neural Tube Defects due to folic acid deficiency cannot be prevented.

In the same way maternal high blood sugar levels can cause congenital defects in the unborn fetus. Deranged thyroid functions may be responsible for early abortions hence baseline health check-up becomes very necessary before planning a pregnancy.