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Normal Delivery

Best Normal Delivery Hospital in Ahmedabad

Normal Delivery

The term normal delivery is often replaced with vaginal birth. It is a natural way of bringing the baby to the world without any medical intervention.

Each pregnant female who is going to be the mother for the first time (Primi gravida) should be given a chance for normal delivery.

Symptoms of normal delivery

  • Thick blood stained mucus discharge
  • Backache radiating to lower abdomen and thighs
  • Uterine contractions
  • Increase frequency of urination
  • Water break due to rupture of amniotic sac

Normal delivery or the process of labor is divided into three stages

First Stage

It involves contractions of uterus leading to dilatation, softening and opening of cervix.in primi patient this stage may last for 12 hours and in multigravida it usually last for 7-8 hours maximum.

The first stage is again divided into Latent stage and Active stage of labor. Latent stage: the pain is less, contractions are starting but slow and less severity with cervical dilatation reaching upto 3cm.

Active stage:The uterine contractions become severe and increased intensity and more frequent. The interval between two contractions becomes 3-4 minutes only.Pain increases. It lasts until cervical dilatation of 10cm.

Second Stage:Pushing and the birth of the baby

This stage begins after the complete dilation of the cervix. Intense contractions continue, helping push the baby head first through the birth canal. The mother is asked to push with every contraction and may find herself highly fatigued. She may also experience intense pain around the vaginal opening as the baby makes its way out. It usually lasts 30 mins to 1 hour in primi patient.

Third stage:Delivery of the placenta
Best Normal Delivery Hospital in Ahmedabad

Advantages of Normal delivery

  • Quicker recovery and lesser hospital stay
  • Strong immunity to the baby as it passes through the birth canal it receives certain bacteria which strengthens the immune system.
  • Lesser complication rate as associated with C section.
  • Bleeding is less than in C section.
  • Reduced respiratory problems of the baby
  • Normal delivery stimulates lactation because the birthing process activates numerous natural mothering hormones.

Boost your chances of normal delivery following three simple steps

Staying Active Throughout The Pregnancy And Building Your Stamina And Physical Endurance To Undergo Process Of Labor With Ease.this Can Be Done By

  • Practice Antenatal Yoga And Daily Walking
  • Do Kigele’s Exercise Daily
  • Take A Balanced Diet

Learn About Symptoms And Signs Of Labor Process And How To Identify Them

Stay Motivated

Why Aarya Women’s Hospital?

At Aarya we are a team of expert doctors who recognize the unique need of each woman .We believe in the natural delivery process and pledge to give trial of labor in each case of primi pregnancy. At Aarya we focus on the individual needs of every woman and provide accurate diagnosis and treatment with minimum interventions.