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Intrauterine Contraceptive Device

Intrauterine Contraceptive Device

Intrauterine contraceptive devices are an effective, safe, cheap and convenient contraceptive method. It is the second most commonly used family planning method.

Types of IUCDs

In India various second generation Intrauterine devices are available widely like: Copper T380A, Multiload 250, Multiload 375.: These areCopper releasing devices made of polypropylene with 250 or 375mm2 of exposed copper in the form of wire, wrapped around a vertical shaft.

Hormone Releasing Intrauterine Device:MIRENA (Levonorgestrel Releasing IUD), Progestasert (Progestogen releasing IUD)

Advantages Of Iucd

  • One time insertion gives protection for 3 to 5 years against conception
  • Does not need to be remember daily
  • No interference in sexual intercourse!!
  • Cost effective
  • No systemic side effects like Pills
  • Highly effective , very low failure rate
  • You can conceive immediately in next month after removal of Cu T
  • Safe to use immediately after delivery and during lactation
  • No effect on amount of breast milk
  • Help prevent ectopic pregnancy as well!!

When should it be kept?

Common intrauterine devices used only for contraceptive purposes are Cu T380A, Cu T 220, Multiload 250, Multiload 375.

  • IUCD is kept soon after menstruation between Day 5 -7 of the menstrual cycle.
  • After 1 to 3 days of delivery as Postpartum contraception
  • 4-6 weeks after cesarean section delivery

IntraUterine Devices should be kept by experienced and trained staff or by Gynecologists only.

When the Cu T Needs to be removed?

  • Any IUCD needs to be removed after expiry or completion of effective life span which are usually 3 to 5 years after insertion.
  • In case of
  • ● acute pelvic infection

    ● Displacement of IUCD inside the uterine cavity

    ● Pregnancy

    ● Uterine or cervical cancer

    ● Menopause

    ● Desire of child bearing

Absolute NO NO for Copper T use??

  • Immediately after infected abortion
  • In cases of anomalous/ distorted shaped uterus
  • In cases of any gynecological cancer
  • Unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • Current Pelvic Infection

Side effects? NONE!!!

There are no systemic side effects of IUCDs

Complications include
  • Excessive bleeding may occur in initial months after insertion
  • Pain in lower abdomen occasionally/ uterine cramps
  • Spontaneous expulsion of the device
  • Vaginal discharge / Infection
  • Very very rarely Uterine Perforation may occur.
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