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Female Sterilization

Female sterilization

  • Female sterilization is the operation used to end a woman's ability to conceive naturally.
  • The procedure involves ligation, with or without resection of both the fallopian tubes so that the egg and sperm cannot meet.
  • Of Course in this IVF era now it is possible for women to conceive even after tubal ligation operation, it is the most widely used contraceptive method in the world.

Types of Tubal Ligation

  • Open surgery
  • ● Tubes are ligated and cut

  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • ● Tubes are ligated with either Falope ring, or Hulka Clips Or Bipolar Cauterization of both tubes

Nowadays, Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation is a more widely used technique for female sterilization.

Why is Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation better than open surgery?

  • Most effective technique done under vision
  • Very low complication arte
  • Can be performed safely under short General Anesthesia
  • Day care procedure
  • Very Small incision almost gives no scar
  • Quick post operative recovery
  • No infection chances
  • Other pathologies can also be detected and treated at same time
  • Reversible surgery possible

What is the best time for surgery?

  • A female can get the sterilization operation after completion of the family. When all the desired kids have arrived and the youngest kid is of at least more or equal to 3 years age.
  • It should be planned in the first 10 days of the menstrual cycle or when it is confirmed that there is no pregnancy.
  • Though being a minor procedure of almost 10 mins , at Aarya Women’s Hospital we follow strict sterility protocol to prevent any infection and smooth experience to the patient.
  • Know more about the tubal ligation technique at Aarya Women’s hospital by our best gynecologist team.