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Endometrial Biopsy

Cervical Biopsy/ Endometrial Biopsy/vulvar Biopsy

At AARYA WOMEN’S HOSPITAL we provide diagnostic procedures for all Gynecological cancers.

Diagnostic procedure include

  • Cervical biopsy (for cervical cancer)
  • vulval/vaginal biopsy (for vulval & vaginal cancer respectively)
  • Endometrial curettage / D&C (for Uterine cancer)

When should a biopsy be done??

  • Abnormal results on Pap test /Liquid based cytology
  • Colposcopy suggesting suspicious lesions
  • Obvious growth/ lesion on cervix
  • Visible lesion on vulva/vagina
  • Post coital bleeding

To rule Uterine cancers in cases of

  • Post menopausal bleeding
  • Abnormal uterine bleeding

What is done in cervical biopsy?

  • Cervical biopsy can be Punch Biopsy or Cone biopsy.
  • Cone biopsy or Conization process can be therapeutic as well.

Our expert consultant Dr. Vrunda Suprret Bhatt has a keen eye for detection and diagnosis of all gynecological Cancers. Get yourself checked with a team of the best gynecologist at Aarya Womens Hospital.